About 143 “I Love You”

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About the meaning of

143 = I Love You!


Our 143 jewelry line is based on a beautiful story originating in Scituate, MA.

It is about a light keeper who every night, before retiring, flashed the light 

1 time for “I”, 4 times for “Love” and 3 times for “ You”. A romantic message to

his love across the water.


143 has been a popular sign for a long time and has attracted very famous people

such as Mr. Rogers. It fit perfectly into his wonderful world of kindness and love.



143 Info:


All of the 143 jewelry line is cast in fine pewter.  The first step is to either satined

or polished before plating.  Our plating finish is offered in four colors, 3-5mls Karat Gold

and 40mls of Sterling Silver, in either bright or satin.  The next step is hand antiquing

and gluing of the Swarovski crystals.   


Cuff @ ID bracelets are adjustable.  Rings are one size fits all.  Necklaces are 16”-18” Adj.



Douglas Paquette


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